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Trade And Operations Management Services To Supply Companies

  • Supporting EPİAŞ (Energy Markets Business Corporation)  Enrollment and Settlement And Custody Bank Processes in newly licensed companies
  • Sending and confirming bilateral agreements and hourly offers for each day on the next day via EPİAŞ (Energy Markets Business Corporation) MMS screens
  • Eligible consumer registration and billing procedures
  • Customer Service Support Line that provides follow-up and reporting of Eligible Consumer demands and complaints
  • Performing demand transactions for the meters that are planned to be added to or removed from the portfolio, and follow up to the finalization of demand
  • Completion of consumption estimation study for the whole portfolio
  • Monthly, yearly and periodic Market Clearing Price Forecasts, Binary Agreement Market Follow-up Summary and alternative suggestions for trading transactions
  • Creating examples of bilateral agreements with customers and other suppliers
  • Cash Flow Planning and Profit / Loss Planning Report in line with growth strategies monthly, yearly and periodically
  • Portfolio profitability ratio calculation
  • Monthly profit and loss analysis and reporting prepared in hourly detail
  • Balance Group service within the scope of reducing imbalance costs
  • Developing alternative proposals for energy supply by bilateral agreement
  • Trade Tracking Report showing daily profit / loss account and Market Tracking Report where you can follow bilateral agreement prices
  • Calculation and notification of Settlement And Custody Bank payment amounts and Settlement And Custody Bank cash collateral amounts for the next day
  • Monitoring and reporting of changes in the official newspapers, EPİAŞ and EMRA regulations and announcements