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Production Planning Operation

  • Execution of EPİAŞ Registration and TAKASBANK processes in case the facility is newly commissioned
  • Production Optimization Service for profit maximization for storage HEPPs
  • Execution of daily Day Ahead Market MMS notification processes via EPİAŞ screens
  • Execution of daily EAK / KGÜP notification processes via TEİAŞ TPYS screens
  • Carrying out Intraday Market and KGÜP revision procedures in case of production plan changes
  • Balancing Group Service and group-related analysis, evaluation of contracts and management of processes
  • Trading opportunities that will provide additional income (Creation of PTF + X TL/MWH sales options)
  • Preparation and evaluation of Bilateral Agreement Sales Contracts
  • Domestic Production Contribution Fee applications process consultancy
  • YEKDEM Başvuru Süreç Danışmanlığı
  • Daily and monthly Imbalance Report
  • Settlement profit/loss analysis
  • Monitoring and reporting of Official Gazette, EPİAŞ and EMRA regulation changes and announcements.